Dual mode on-board unit (OBU)
Making Roads Safer

​Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) defines the peer-to-peer communications protocols that enable enhanced situational awareness between a vehicle and its surroundings to improve safety and manage congestion.​

Enabling Connectivity

​Designed to address the needs of the connected vehicle market, the HARMAN Savari MobiWAVE wireless vehicular on-board unit combines existing telematics control units with V2X services for a variety of automotive safety and commercial applications. As we enter the 5G era, MobiWAVE supports both C-V2X and DSRC communication to eliminate traffic-related fatalities by deploying life-saving V2X applications. 

Key Features
Key Features

Future Proof

  • MobiWAVE has been engineered to provide a variety of functionalities ranging from a basic “Here-I-Am” device, to ASD, to a COTS-like device supporting a range of applications.  Benefits include:
    • Supports “Fast Boot” option
    • Ignition-detect for graceful shutdown
    • Expandable to incorporate other sensors
    • Supports a variety of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular


  • Security is a primary concern for any wireless network. MobiWAVE incorporates advanced security methods at every level of the transmission.
    • HSM (hardware security module) Secure Flash​​

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