Software Process Consulting and Quality Control

Driving agile delivery excellence through “Agile in a Box”
Due to emerging consumer demands for advanced functionalities and higher levels of connectivity in their vehicles, automakers are introducing new features into their vehicles frequently. This increases the complexity of vehicle systems and software development within the automotive industry. The current development approach is no longer suitable to address the increase on complexity, faster pace of change and decreased time to market. Thus, automakers and Tier-One suppliers are investigating and implementing more effective and reliable methods of software development using an Agile Approach. This method is creating fewer escalations, improved on-time delivery and quality, lower staff turnover, greater transparency and simplified processes – and has led to self-organizing teams.

Implementing Agile in an Automotive OEM

​According to a recent study, Agile in Automotive – State of Practice 2015, Kugler Maag Cie, following Agile methods/principles “blindly," using a strict definition of the methodology, would have ultimately led to failure. The main barriers include trying to fit agile elements into a non-agile environment, inability to change organizational culture, increased project complexity and lack of customer collaboration. Experts at HARMAN provide consulting services to help Automotive OEMs/Tier-One suppliers achieve enterprise agility by extending agile benefits from projects to the business lines.

HARMAN provides the advantages of adopting Agile into the practices of portfolio management, business case development, governance, and metrics and help create an organization that is more accountable, market responsive and productive. HARMAN guides OEMs and Tier-One Suppliers in preparing their organization for Agile adoption and provides insight on why and how investing in Agility and Agile principles increases business value. 

The steps that HARMAN follows in an Enterprise Agile Transformation Process are as follows:​

  • ​Assess the current product engineering processes, technology and resource utilization in use by the OEM or Tier-One Supplier and identify gaps.
  • Customized Training for the executive and engineering team on the identified gaps.
  • Enterprise specific consultation and coaching with guided execution.
  • Ongoing support and Independent execution.
  • Metrics on Agile ROI and implementation of Agile Practices across the Enterprise.
HARMAN helps automakers in realizing agile delivery excellence through “Agile in a Box.” It encapsulates Harman Agile Delivery Framework with standard and readily available tools, templates, a framework and guidance to deliver quality and value to the customer consistently.
Software Process consulting and Quality control
  • ​​Approach based on Agile and SAFe Manifesto and Principles.
  • Overlays industry leading best practices, standards and tools.
  • Strong focus on agile competency and partnership development.
  • HARMAN's 'Agile in a box' - Accelerated tool kit and transformation roadmap.
  • Solid Agile Governance and Metrics with clear predictability of releases across stakeholder.
  • ​HARMAN's Agile consulting SMEs show automotive ecosystem participants how to evangelize agile values across the organization within 6-12 months.
  • HARMAN provides tools to comprehensively assess maturity and capability of the team and organization's agile practices.
  • Coach/Train product engineering teams to successfully adopt Agile practices and Engineering and Development Operations practices.
  • Train key business leaders on Agile and help them embrace agile methods to ship releases in weeks versus months.

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