HARMAN smart/auto VISION

Connected Automotive ADAS Dashcam that brings in safety features typically found in Advance Driver-Assistance Systems
Connected Automotive ADAS Dashcam
More than Just a Recording Cam

The HARMAN smart/auto Vision – a Connected Automotive ADAS Dashcam goes one step further than just capturing your recorded driving footage. Leveraging HARMAN AI & machine learning technologies, it also brings in safety features typically found in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems​.​​

Combining Front and Cabin View

HARMAN dashcam with GPS

An Eye on the Road

The HARMAN dashcam is a useful connected vehicle accessory that not only has an eye on the road, but also on the driver and the rest of the interior. The dashcam supports on-board cameras for both the front view and the driver-facing view and enables remote vehicle surveillance features. It supports contextual alerts like Disturbance and Towing alerts, Live Video Surveillance, Driving Behaviour, Trip History, Vehicle Health and Forward Collision Warning. Connectivity and access to the intelligent HARMAN Ignite cloud platform is via built-in LTE modem. The dashcam comes with a global positioning system (GPS) and gravity sensor (G-sensor) and cloud storage enabling the vehicle to sense a crash and preserve the footage taken immediately before and after the incident.
Key Highlights
  • Supports on-board camera for both the front-facing view and the driver-facing view running AI algorithms
  • Supports Disturbance and Towing alerts, Driving Behaviour, Trip History, Vehicle Health and Forward Collision Warning​
  • Connectivity via LTE to access OBD Diagnostics data and support live video streaming from the car
  • Featuring GPS/G-sensor for sending collision/towing and cloud storage for preserving footage​




Hardware Features

  • Wide-angle dual camera dashcam​
  • High quality Sony IMX327 sensors​
  • Low light capable & Night vision with IR LED
  • 2.4” LCD TFT display
  • Mic + Speaker​
  • Powered via OBD port and USB-C cable​
  • LTE connectivity with eSIM or Micro-SIM​
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/c 2.4GHz + BT BLE
  • GNSS​
  • 6-axis accelerometer​​
  • Suction mount (no messy adhesives!)
  • Storage supports up to 128 GB (micro SD)


Software Features

  • Forward Collision​ warning
  • Incident management impact and towing
  • Live video surveillance
  • Cloud storage for video and telematics
  • Vehicle Health and Diagnostics
  • Enhanced Trip History with Incident Videos
  • Parked Mode support
  • Social media content sharing
  • Driving Behavior
  • Driving Score
  • Harsh ABC
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
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