HARMAN smart/auto VISION

Connected Automotive ADAS Dashcam that brings in safety features typically found in Advance Driver-Assistance Systems

More than Just a Recording Cam

A video recording of important events that occur on the road or in a vehicle can save consumers from expensive disputes. Essentially, this is what a dashcam should do – capture driving footage, so that if something unexpected happens, consumers have evidence at their fingertips. The HARMAN smart/auto Vision – a Connected Automotive ADAS Dashcam – goes one step further. Leveraging HARMAN AI & machine learning technologies, it brings in safety features typically found in Advance Driver-Assistance Systems.

Combining Front and Cabin View

HARMAN dashcam with GPS

An Eye on the Road – And on You

The HARMAN dashcam is a useful connected vehicle accessory that not only has an eye on the road, but also on the driver and the rest of the interior. The dashcam supports on-board cameras for both the front view and the driver-facing view and enables remote vehicle surveillance features. It supports voice control, contextual alerts, driver distraction & drowsiness warning, pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and forward collision warning. Connectivity and access to the intelligent HARMAN Ignite cloud platform is via built-in LTE modem. The dashcam comes with a global positioning system (GPS) and gravity sensor (G-sensor) and cloud storage enabling the vehicle to sense a crash and preserve the footage taken immediately before and after the incident.
Key Highlights
  • Supports on-board camera for both the front-facing view and the driver-facing view running AI algorithms
  • Supports voice control, contextual alerts, driver distraction warning, pedestrian detection and forward collision warning
  • Connectivity via LTE to access OBD Diagnostics data and support live video streaming from the car
  • Featuring GPS/G-sensor for sending collision/towing and cloud storage for preserving footage​


Automotive ADAS Dashcam


Hardware Features
Software Features

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