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Mobility is more than getting from one place to another. It’s about shifting from one state of being to the next. While other aspects of our lives have become connected, the number of unconnected vehicles would be at its peak of 450 million by 2025. HARMAN smart/auto solutions make vehicles become connected instantly.

Our Solutions

Connected Automotive ADAS Dashcam
A video recording of important events that occurred while driving or when the car is parked can save consumers from expensive legal disputes. Essentially, this is what a dashcam should do – capture driving footage, so that if something unexpected happens, consumers have evidence. The HARMAN smart/auto Vision – a Connected Automotive ADAS Dashcam – goes one step further. Leveraging HARMAN AI & machine learning technologies, it brings in safety features typically found in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
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Connected Head Unit Experience
There is no need for consumers to wait until a new car is purchased to enjoy the latest connectivity benefits and the newest features. The HARMAN smart/auto Head Unit enables automotive OEMs to offer the latest infotainment technology to vehicle owners as soon as it becomes available. Based on an Android platform and equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the HARMAN smart/auto Head Unit can support a range of display sizes and is suitable for flexible integration into most vehicle trims.
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Automotive Wireless Charger
Most consumers experience a never-ending story trying to keep a mobile device charged. Despite heavy in-vehicle use of mobile phones, most users these days have no option but to plug their device into a USB port to maintain charge on their daily commute. As well as being inconvenient, the simple absence of a cable is enough to render it impossible. A built-in wireless charger presents a far more convenient way to charge a device while traveling.
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Telematics Application Gateway device (TAG)
The HARMAN smart/auto Telematics Application Gateway device (TAG) is an aftermarket product that solves this connectivity challenge and unlocks the enormous market potential. The solution comprises a dongle that plugs into a car’s OBD-II port along with corresponding mobile and web applications. It turns any vehicle into a smart, connected vehicle, enabling vehicle tracking, diagnostics, analytics, media connectivity and offers growth from additional services.
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