Ignite Cloud Platform

HARMAN Ignite is an end-to-end cloud platform that supports various use cases by providing connectivity, application enablement, analytics and managed-service capabilities. It allows automakers, dealers, suppliers and service providers to easily introduce, deploy, manage, personalize and monetize innovative cloud applications and services, meeting the connectivity, safety, convenience and infotainment demands of customers across the world. The platform’s modular design allows multi-source components.   

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The HARMAN Ignite platform provides the security, flexibility, scalability, manageability and reliability that auto ecosystem participants demand to ensure success of their connected-vehicle programs. The platform offers benefits and solutions for automakers, consumers, dealers and tier-1s.  

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The HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform supports numerous traditional and emerging use cases:

Parental controls solution

A pre-packaged SaaS solution enabling automakers to quickly deploy a parental-controls service. This includes a mobile application for car owners to remotely monitor a vehicle’s location and status.


Intelligent Personal Assistant solution

Provides the cloud orchestration and supplemental skills for automakers to deploy multiple digital assistants, including Samsung Bixby, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa.


Intelligent Platform

Includes machine-learning algorithms that can be integrated by automakers into a wide array of new applications and services, ranging from the enhancement of driver and passenger personalization experiences to driver monitoring and vehicle health.


Car-as-a-Service solution

Automakers can maximize vehicle reach, create car-sharing revenue and initiate revenue-generating opportunities through other connected services that enhance the customer experience.


Vehicle connect solution

Accelerates the development of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications for automakers and tier-1 suppliers for connecting the vehicle to the road infrastructure (V2I), to the home (V2H), to other vehicles (V2V) and more.


Content personalization

Automakers can offer the best internet-based audio source in their vehicles. Seamlessly integrates with other vehicle services offered in the infotainment center.


Cloud-based driver profile

Drivers can save information, including options for setting the temperature, seat and mirror positioning, favorite radio presets, infotainment applications and other personal items.


Vehicle analytics dashboard

Enables innovative business models by integrating vehicle telematics data and analytic insights with customer and business data.


Vehicle health and diagnostics

Insight into vehicle health and diagnostics helps reduce vehicle operating costs, reaction time to  issues, accident liability and fines and also enhances the customer experience.

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