The Integration Experts

“Integration is our secret weapon.” The pace of innovation facilitating and enhancing the connected lifestyle is accelerating. The key to success lies in how these products and technologies are integrated. The HARMAN-Samsung partnership is unlocking vast potential for the creation of ecosystems of unique, smart, enhanced and rich in-vehicle experiences.

The field of connected cars is buzzing with activity, innovation and increasingly complex networks of interdependent systems. Multiple safety-critical systems (e.g. instrument cluster and telltales) and operational control units (e.g. for comfort or climate functions) as well as multimedia and infotainment attach to a single head unit. Plus, automakers and suppliers are developing and bringing to market myriad products and technologies that facilitate growing connectivity. It’s an exciting time, but also an immensely challenging one.


One of those challenges is pulling together the diversity of innovation into fully integrated, flexible, scalable ecosystems that meet the wide-ranging needs of consumers and automakers to amplify the connected lifestyle.


This is where the very particular skills set of the HARMAN-Samsung partnership comes in. HARMAN’s vast automotive and audio experience and innovations fuse with Samsung’s world-leading expertise in connectivity and hardware to create a true powerhouse of integration that opens up thrilling new possibilities for the in-vehicle user experience and future mobility models.

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“Innovations and technologies emerging today are mind blowing. The most crucial aspect of creating true added value is how they are integrated into a cohesive whole. Integration is our secret weapon.”

“Consumer demand is dictating that the car become an extension of the connected lifestyle rather than being a product of a siloed industry,” says Dr. Mike Peters, President of HARMAN’s Connected Car Division, adding: “While the innovations and technologies emerging today are mind blowing, the most crucial aspect of creating true added value is how they are integrated into a cohesive whole. Integration is our secret weapon.”


Bringing it all together will become increasingly pivotal with the rapid growth in complexity associated with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and 5G telematics paving the way to autonomous driving. The HARMAN-Samsung partnership has unlocked vast potential for integration across chip-to-cloud, audio and automotive, where HARMAN is working on single SOC head units that run multiple screens – a challenging but highly efficient form of integration. Peters also points to the fact that more than 50 million automobiles on the roads today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems: “And Samsung’s software services power billions of mobile devices and systems that are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms from work and home to car and mobile.”


Resident HARMAN engineers become part of automakers' own in-house teams to tailor dedicated solutions using groundbreaking user interfaces such as its Digital Cockpit and Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) and agnostic, end-to-end platforms such as HARMAN Ignite and Samsung Cloud.


Meanwhile, industrial design and user experience specialists at HARMAN’s own Huemen Design address the needs of a digital and connected society from a human-centric perspective, partnering with global brands across multiple sectors, including automotive, to conceptualize, design and deliver intuitive customer experiences.


“The arrival of 5G will precipitate a paradigm shift in connectivity and be instrumental in the implementation of fully autonomous driving,” stresses Peters. For automakers to reap the true benefits and prosper in a drastically restructured marketplace, they will have to integrate a broad spectrum of products and technologies to create ecosystems of unique, smart, enhanced and rich in-vehicle experiences that not only fulfill consumer needs, but also meet operational and legislative requirements across global markets, while leveraging their own brand values.


With the power of Samsung, HARMAN is equipped to face this challenge.

HARMAN has a constantly growing portfolio of exciting and innovative connected car solutions ranging from hardware components to highly-integrated Digital Cockpit Platforms and the fully flexible, end-to-end cloud platform, HARMAN Ignite.