Testing services for Automotive

Over the last 100 years, the automobile has transformed from a mechanical device into an integrated machine with embedded software in all major systems such as engine control, power train, suspension, braking, and entertainment. To manufacture the next generation of innovative vehicles with high quality and free of defects, automotive OEMs need a strong testing infrastructure. HARMAN has experience and competency in both automotive and software industries to validate and certify standards across the Automotive supply chain and consumer markets.

Trying to eliminate or minimize

“As an automaker, the top priority is reducing our bottom line. Trying to eliminate or minimize product recalls is our goal. To achieve this, rigorous unit, function and system testing is of paramount importance especially of the software components in our vehicles. HARMAN helps us to achieve this with its out-of-the-box test structures, frameworks, test cases, and more. With its expertise in automotive software testing, HARMAN has not only improved product quality, but also has reduced our investments on testing. Today, we get stellar results at a lowered cost.“  

Testing Services Director, Montvale.

Statistics show that more than 50 percent of automotive recalls can now be attributed to software issues, and not mechanical ones. With an industry average of 8 bugs per thousand lines of code, and the average connected car having 100 million lines of code or more, software quality needs to be a top priority for automotive OEMs. HARMAN enables automakers to efficiently build test frameworks and perform tests on all their application components.

Testing services for Automotive
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Consistency and Reliability in Software development

Controlling the cost of embedded systems is extremely important for automotive industry because the volume is much higher when compared to other safety-critical industries. Though software testing has traditionally been viewed as expensive activity, finding software bugs before a product is released is the key to reducing costs associated with product recalls and any would protect the brand image.  This makes continuous integration and testing a necessity for the automotive industry.

Some key highlights of HARMAN's Automotive testing expertise:

  • Successful delivery across multiple Infotainment programs for OEMs with complete responsibility of testing across all phases of the Product Lifecycle from Unit Testing to In-Vehicle testing
  • Extensive experience in test planning, test strategy design documentation and test execution on multiple automotive infotainment projects
  • Dedicated Test Lab for Interoperability test for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Automotive Projection Modes (Android Auto, Apple CARPlay and BAIDU CARLife)
  • Rated #1 Third Party Lab for Google with Dedicated Test Lab for Development Test,
  • Pre-Certification/Certification Test of Android Auto Projection
  • Test Automation experience across all phases of the product lifecycle from Unit Testing to System Testing
  • Vast experience in Test Automation with specialization in design, development and deployment of custom automation tools based on project requirements
  • Expert level competency across all domains of automotive infotainment like multimedia, connectivity, navigation to ensure high quality software
  • Automotive SPICE Level 3 Certified


Android Auto pre-certification Lab

Dedicated Lab set up to certify Android Auto Certification (AAP) on any head unit. AAP includes both bench and vehicle testing. Expert in Android Auto Certification.

Software Unit/Component Testing

Unit Testing – Function, Statement and Branch Testing. Unit Test Automation with Google Test.

Software Integration Testing

Bottom up, Top Down, Big Bang Integration testing. Testing with various communication interfaces between components like UFIPC, CORBA, D-BUS

Software Qualification Testing

Functional verification using simulation of ECUs.

System Integration Testing

Verification of integration of software and hardware based on the test strategy. Verification of low-level hardware interactions using equipment like CRO, Protocol Analysers, etc.

System Testing

Testing with complete system - real ECU’s wherever feasible, and simulated ECU’s where not

In Vehicle/Drive Testing

Navigation, Tuner specific testing in Vehicle. Complete understanding of system behaviour to identify and log issues during drive tests

  • Generic reusable test suite for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Projection Modes and USB
  • Repository of more than 300 of the latest devices sold across the globe for software compatibility testing
  • Robust device selection strategy in place for optimal coverage across different geographies
  • Reusable test scenarios across all areas of Automotive Infotainment