Software Process Consulting and Quality Control

Driving agile delivery excellence through “Agile in a Box”
  • ​​Approach based on Agile and SAFe Manifesto and Principles.
  • Overlays industry leading best practices, standards and tools.
  • Strong focus on agile competency and partnership development.
  • HARMAN's 'Agile in a box' - Accelerated tool kit and transformation roadmap.
  • Solid Agile Governance and Metrics with clear predictability of releases across stakeholder.
  • ​HARMAN's Agile consulting SMEs show automotive ecosystem participants how to evangelize agile values across the organization within 6-12 months.
  • HARMAN provides tools to comprehensively assess maturity and capability of the team and organization's agile practices.
  • Coach/Train product engineering teams to successfully adopt Agile practices and Engineering and Development Operations practices.
  • Train key business leaders on Agile and help them embrace agile methods to ship releases in weeks versus months.

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