Global In-house Software centers

For years, automakers have outsourced software development to efficiently manage costs. However, recent strategic shifts by automakers such as OEMs tapping Software Developer Houses to double its in-house mobile engineering team focusing on mobility and connectivity, shows that automakers are seeking to take control over their embedded software development by creating their own Software Development Centers.  To seize the growing opportunities in new connected vehicle experience, automakers are looking to adopt the flexible, agile, and collaborative software development approaches.

introducing a new functionality

“As an automaker, introducing a new functionality in our vehicle used to be so cumbersome. But now, we are more relaxed as everything from development to deployment is taken care of by HARMAN. Today, we need not worry about providing any additional training or guidance. HARMAN developed an In-house Software Center for us and it provides our business with a competitive advantage by minimizing costs, enhancing customer service and maintaining product quality on a limited budget.“  

Software Development Director,  Detroit

HARMAN helps automakers in building out their software development center that offers them control, and the opportunity to develop their own competitive advantage over time. Developing their own software gives them the freedom to decide the features be included. They are not reliant on another companies development roadmap and can quickly release features that would make a big impact on their top and bottom line. This way, automakers can respond rapidly to feedback from their customers and their users.

Global in-house software
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Complete Automotive Software Development & Management Teams

Global In-house Software Centers were conceptualized and initiated to enable automakers to foster global talent expansion and cost leverage while ensuring quality, control and governance. These Software Centers are focusing on activities such as IP-creation, advanced analytics, building competencies around emerging connected vehicle technologies, setting up centers of excellence and more.    

HARMAN has a wealth of experience and well-guarded frameworks in helping automakers establish In-house Software Centers around the world. HARMAN embraces the Automotive OEM’s vision of owning software platforms to enable rapid innovation and differentiate it from the competition. Harnessing the in-depth experience in strategizing, building and operating software development centers and flexible engagement models, HARMAN enables an OEM to start their Software Center Operations in the most expedient manner.

With numerous automotive customers, HARMAN provides a wide variety of engagements and has an extensive network of partners and alliances in the automotive industry.  With this experience, HARMAN can maintain and develop next generation vehicle platforms, and ramp up rapidly to support any OEM’s needs.


Fostering innovation

Experienced team with automotive expertise and ability to develop Automotive OEM specific solutions. Supports rapid development of new features to meet market needs.

Software services experience

Help build large teams to develop end-to-end leading edge next-generation software platforms. Utilize best practices and process excellence to develop scalable, upgradable, secure and reliable software platforms.

Global footprint

Global footprint to ramp up regionally or globally as needed. HARMAN possesses the ability to support variable capacity and can support rapid ramp up and down.

OEM delivery experience

Rich product and platform development experience based on QNX, Linux and Android. Strong relationships with SoC and 3rd party SW Vendors.

Industry leadership

Leadership in industry forums like GENIVI, AGL, AVNU, OAA, OHA and more.

Delivery excellence

Proven governance model adopting Agile software development methodology. Metrics driven delivery approach.

Flexible transfer options

Complete handover to OEM as required. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) driven handover triggers with transparent and flexible commercial models.

  • Long term sustainable differentiation along with lowered Total Cost of Ownership
  • HARMAN’s global footprint and experienced talent pool to interface with OEM’s Development centers worldwide.
  • Build robust Software development centers with the help of domain experts, advanced engineering teams and strong training programs through HARMAN University.