360° Premium Automotive Services

The automotive industry is racing at a more accelerated pace every day. Fueling the movement for change is consumer desire for a more personalized experience that includes seamless social interaction, productivity paired with the highest level of driving safety, and the kind of entertainment options available at home or from a mobile device. And, of course, consumers also want to travel in a vehicle with exceptional design features.

HARMAN provides Premium Automotive Services that boost our customers’ ability to meet aggressive goals in addressing these changing market demands. Integration services help customers integrate products and technologies, while automotive engineering services support numerous aspects of product development, design, testing and integration to complement or augment OEMs’ in-house teams. Plus Huemen, our experiential agency, provides design services that humanize the connected car by designing for the driver and not for the car.  

HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services

HARMAN offers Advanced Engineering Solutions to global automotive ecosystem participants to address these complex business challenges.
HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services

Experience Design for Brands

Huemen, with an empathy-first approach, creates effective design that simplifies the equation of Intelligent, immersive, intuitive and individualized user experiences.
Huemen Design

Automotive Integration Experts

“Integration is our secret weapon.” The pace of innovation facilitating and enhancing the connected lifestyle is accelerating. The key to success lies in how these products and technologies are integrated.
The Integration Experts