Sound Design

For autonomous environments of the future, HARMAN delivers adaptable premium audio and integrated design optimized for dynamic, variable seating environments and activities (wellness, productivity, entertainment). Enablers showcased at CES 2019 include AudioworX, Advanced Array processing, VirtualWORKS and Huemen Design Integration.


Unique features are:


  • Adaptive audio for variable seating
  • Dynamic acoustic environments for entertainment, wellness & productivity
  • Experience-led design integration


HARMAN AudioworX, a comprehensive tool and functionality suite, ensures high quality for all kinds of audio products and allows fast market entry. The suite offers smart, seamless and intuitive solutions that make configuring the audio algorithm database and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) framework easy. It also simplifies the process of tuning and controlling the various algorithms. Moreover, the suite’s scalable and modular platform offers an independent solution that can be used even in distributed systems.


HARMAN VirtualWORKS is based on extraordinary simulation capabilities, both reducing the need for physical samples to an absolute minimum and offering the right solution for every step of the development process. The modular approach of the HARMAN VirtualWORKS concept is designed to meet customer requirements at any level and any scale. Principally, it is composed of the engineering process and “The Cookbook” which includes various simulation ingredients and analysis recipes to solve almost any automotive sound issue. Presented in a special problem requirement-solution format, “The Cookbook” allows for easy selection of recommended simulations. All of this adds freedom in design decisions and reduces cost as well as time in development. HARMAN VirtualWORKS is offered as a service to automakers.


SCALABLE AUDIO SOLUTIONS: While 70 percent of consumers say they want premium sound, it is currently available to just 20 percent of the market. HARMAN’s response to this challenge is the software-based AudioworX tuning tool that can either be installed at the factory or retrofitted at dealerships. Compatible with head units and existing base amplifiers, the tool can tune audio systems not only in the mid-size and luxury segment but also in the entry level. AudioworX thus offers a cost-effective means of enhancing acoustic performance and increasing consumer satisfaction. At the same time, it can increase revenue in the small-vehicle segment and emerging markets. The tool is compatible both with HARMAN and third-party hardware.

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