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The Best of the Best

This section features the ultimate intelligent personalization for drivers and passengers with HARMAN's best-in-class technology. This experience brings together the advanced connectivity, enhanced-safety cloud services, premium audio and improved efficiencies only HARMAN can provide.

    Unique technologies showcased at CES 2019 amongst many others are:

    • HARMAN Premium Cockpit
    • Individual entertainment zones through embedded or brought in devices
    • C-V2X demonstration from motorcycle to car
    • HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform – Multiple VPA
    Performance Seeker - Cockpit

    The HARMAN Premium Cockpit includes latest innovations that offer a highly adaptive and personalized journey every time. With multiple VPAs, deep IoT integration and cloud services, and advanced displays the possibilities are endless. Drivers can get back to living life, have more productivity throughout the day and have peace of mind with advanced safety features. Each passenger is now plugged in to the ride with rear seat personalization and BYOD capabilities. Cloud services and streaming content create a new opportunities for shared and personalized entertainment within the car.

    Virtual RSE enhances comfort for the entire cabin. Once connected to the Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system, each individual for example is able to control their climate settings easily from their smart device. Connection to the vehicle head unit expands the availability of local content. Passengers can use their smart devices to browse native vehicle sources like radio, bringing a premium, personalized experience to the backseat.

    Performance Seeker - Rear Seat Entertainment

    With Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) HARMAN enables communication between the car and its entire environment. This includes other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights or road signs. 5G-V2X also offers low-latency peer-to-peer communications, which eliminates the need for a cell tower. Thus C-V2X enables applications that utilize vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) to warn each other of imminent road or traffic hazards.


    HARMAN Ignite seamlessly collects and integrates all aspects of the driver’s connected experience in and outside of the car. Ignite organizes information from sources such as connected devices, connected car, rental car, work place etc. into user graphs, that are a type of Knowledge graphs. The platform collects all data generated by the user and processes it in real time. HARMAN Ignite Analytical Services leverage data collected from the vehicle, user graph, or established data stores to create or update existing user graphs.


    HARMAN's Intelligent Reasoning Agent, IRA, is an abstraction layer that bridges multiple VPAs and vehicle related skills to perform specific task for the driver. For example, when asking for free time, IRA can leverage Google for private calendar and Siri for business calendar.

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