Communication Pioneer

Leveraging the world's leading microphone, voice-processing and noise-cancelling technologies, HARMAN is launching a new suite of premium communication solutions at CES 2019.

HARMAN Premium Communications is a first-to-market packaged solution designed to elevate today’s in-vehicle communication environment. Unique features such as ClearChat, In-Car Communication and Personal Communication Zones raise conversations to a new level of clarity – whether it’s with a voice assistant, someone on the other end of a phone call or among passengers.


ClearChat’s far-end noise cancellation eliminates in-vehicle background noise for phone call recipients and personal voice assistants.


In-Car Communication (ICC) provides clear, safe two-way communication among vehicle occupants.


Personal Communication Zones gives every occupant the freedom to interact with the voice assistant of their choice or host seat-centric phone calls.


HARMAN Premium Communication user features are scalable for varying vehicle segments. Together with automakers, HARMAN is committed to developing custom packaged solutions for any vehicle model – entry-level to luxury.

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