Cloud Enhanced Mobility

HARMAN Personi-Fi technology delivers cloud-based personalized audio on any device wherever you are; in the home, in the car and on-the-go. Through the use of a custom application, users can create listener profiles to optimize the sound EQ based on their individual audio preferences. Leveraging HARMAN Ignite, the cloud-based sound profile follows you wherever you go.


The technologies presented at CES 2019 are displayed in three different vehicles:


  • Owned – embedded in the amp/HU + HW upgrade
  • Rental car (driver) – cloud based
  • Shared ride (passenger) – cloud based

Once registered, PERSONI-FI automatically recognizes personal listening devices through Bluetooth transmission and applies corresponding sound profiles. So whether customers are listening on a sound system at home, headphones at the gym, or car speakers their preferred sound will move as freely as they do. PERSONI-FI also harnesses the power of HARMAN’s audio expertise in correcting sound anomalies within playback devices and environments to deliver the highest quality music. With a database of acoustic profiles in the cloud, PERSONI-FI automatically adjusts favorite streaming services to deliver perfect sound across all specific listening scenarios.

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