Autonomous Ecosystems

This zone showcases HARMAN as the number-one technology and integration partner for innovative mobility ecosystems. The HARMAN technologies that enable the Rinspeed microSNAP make our rides safer, more sustainable, more comfortable and more personalized in an L5 autonomous world.


Connection to the HARMAN Ignite cloud platform and services enables booking, monitoring and payment of shared rides and also takes care of efficient operations. And because the microSNAP drives autonomously, it is always in the right place at the right time and ensures optimum capacity utilization completely on its own.


Other features and technologies showcased in this area at CES 2019 are:


  • HARMAN’s Smart 5G TCU. The telematics control unit ensures high data rates and ultra-low latency; it also handles V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication.
  • HARMAN’s Conformal Antenna combines up to 14 transmission/receiving units in a single package installed flush with the roof, ready for any radio standard.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems utilizing data from cameras and sensors, e.g. LIDAR, enable 360° monitoring of the vehicle – a requirement for autonomous driving.
  • HARMAN Ignite end-to-end cloud platform enabling a range of innovative services such as OTA (over-the-air) updates and integrating the whole IoT-ecosystem.
  • Automotive Cybersecurity with HARMAN SHIELD & multi-stage authentication.
  • True Level 5 HMI displayed on a 49” curved Samsung LED screen operated by voice and touch.
  • Multi VPA supports the occupants’ favorite Virtual Personal Assistant and automatically selects the right one for any task.
  • Ambisonics Escape lets occupants immerse themselves in natural surroundings, e.g. the beach, forest, waterfalls and more.
  • ClearChat enhances the quality of conversations with voice-based assistants inside the car and ensures telephone conversations are crystal clear at both ends.
  • Personal Communication Zones enable passengers to personalize their communication with limited disruption or interference from other vehicle occupants.
  • In-Car Communication creates an ideal environment for conversation inside the car and enhances communication in the midst of vehicle noise and music volume.
  • Personal Bass Impact precision bass shakers enable occupants to not only to hear the bass, but literally feel it with every fiber of their being.​