Automotive Operations Center

The Automotive Operations Center (AOC) is the central nervous system of the immersive environment controlling the connected experience. It showcases the intelligence powering the driving and ownership experience, and is an area where HARMAN technology comes alive. In the AOC, automakers and supply chain partners can exercise complete control over the customer experience and explore how to create customers for life.

HARMAN AOC Presentations

Key enablers showcased at CES 2019 are:


HARMAN Ignite facilitates an Automotive Digital Ecosystem for automakers that allows them to offer their end consumers an Immersive Connected Experience. With Ignite, drivers and passengers will now be able to enjoy several smart features they’ve come to love and rely on in all other areas of life – such as a vehicle-centric marketplace, an automotive-based virtual assistant, enhanced navigation with POI search and intelligent personalization – directly in their vehicles.


HARMAN Remote Vehicle Updating Service is the only over-the-air (OTA) service that enables efficient full-vehicle software management. First, the HARMAN OTA solution reduces the need for recalls by remotely addressing system malfunctions and security threats. In addition, automakers can use the OTA solution to decrease time-to-market by updating software while the vehicle is still on the production line. It also allows consumers to access new features and functions post-sale, maintaining a direct connection between the automaker and the owner, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.


HARMAN SHIELD is the most comprehensive Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution (IDPS) to detect, manage, mitigate and respond to cyberattacks on connected and autonomous vehicles, keeping vehicles safe and protected. Comprised of state-of-the-art building blocks to provide a modular scalable architecture for OEMs and auto fleets, HARMAN SHIELD agents employ an award-winning HARMAN IDPS technology and are equipped with full backend reporting capabilities and OTA updatability.


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) HUB: AI-enabled driver vehicle features and mobility services can generate huge industry-wide value in the long term, enable automakers to outperform competitors and gain substantial market share. HARMAN’s Artificial Intelligence hub helps automakers take strategic actions to fully capture the AI-enabled opportunities in both the short and long term.


VOICE OF VEHICLE (J.D. POWER Alliance): As vehicles continue to grow exponentially in complexity, it is becoming increasingly difficult for owners to discern the exact issue for traditional surveys. HARMAN formed an alliance with J.D. Power to create the Voice of the Vehicle (VoV) solution. VoV leverages J.D. Power’s mobile application that captures owner feedback when a quality issue arises along with data collected from the vehicle at the same moment via HARMAN’s SmartAuto device or embedded head unit client.


ADVANCE MARKET PRODUCTS: Users no longer have to buy a new car in order to enjoy connected-car benefits and access the latest cool features. HARMAN has developed products that can act as add-ons after the original sale of the vehicle, offering drivers and owners comfort, convenience, performance, safety and customization powered by ubiquitous connectivity.

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