The Backbone of Future Mobility

A Paradigm Shift

The automotive industry is now at a critical intersection of technology where communication, information and control have become pervasive aspects of everyday life. With the first-to-market 5G-ready Telematics Control Unit (TCU), HARMAN enables real-world Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication and lays the groundwork for automated driving. As the 5G networks evolve, data speeds as high as 20 Gbps will eventually be realized.

4G vs 5G

4G vs 5G
Key Highlights
  • 5G TCUs enable a paradigm shift in automotive safety, reliability and user experience
  • The promise of 5G delivers improved data speeds, latency and network coverage, enabling a world of new applications
  • Update gateway enabled for FOTA
  • V2X ready supporting DSRC and Cellular V2X (C-V2X)

5G Improvements

5G Improvements
A wide range of new applications will be enabled through the 5G network
  • Improved Safety
  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Superior Reliability
As the number of IoT devices enter service, legacy 4G systems will struggle to keep up
  • 5G networks have been designed to accommodate the increased number of devices
  • As 5G becomes mature, 4G spectrum will be reallocated to 5G
  • Higher bandwidth (>2 Gbps) will become possible with millimeter wave technologies
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